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23 March
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nifty, mini-bio. what can i remember of my past.
well, official documents state that i was born in Toronto on march 23rd, 1986. (skip ahead a few years) i was an asshole of a child, but most children are. i've led a boring life in the sense that nothing too tragic as happened to me. that can be a good thing i guess.
i quite enjoy music and have a distaste for using capital i's in internet speech.
ninja turtles introduced me to the wonderful foodstuffs that is pizza and sushi.
video games = fun and great. though becoming increasingly expensive with each new generation of systems coming out.
aparently im out of my mind, though the concept of sanity is relative and i belive that im sane as hell. you'd really have to get to know me to make that conclusion for yourself...you know what. fuck it, i dont even care anymore.